Keyboards & Fonts for Juhuri & Tati

You can now type in Juhuri or Tati on your computer and also in e-mails. You will need to install the Microsoft Keyboards, and also one or more of the special Unicode font sets that contain the letters that are usually lacking. When using these fonts in e-mails, your friends will also need to install one or more of the special fonts from our website. Otherwise, small boxes will appear in place of the specialized Juhuri and Tati letters when they open your e-mail.

About the keyboards and fonts:

The Unicode Consortium has added the special letters needed in the Juhuri and Tati alphabets of Latin and Azeri-Cyrillic. These letters are not yet available in all fonts. The two fonts that you can download here, contain those special characters.

To type in Russian Cyrillic needs no special fonts. The one letter needed, ‘I,’ is available in all the common fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.). But it cannot be typed readily without using a special keyboard. On our Keyboard, that letter is found under the key, ‘Q/q.’

The Azeri-Cyrillic alphabet used for Tati and Juhuri now has the Unicode letters, ‘’ and ‘.’ These and the rest of the alphabet needed can be typed using our Keyboard layouts along with the special alphabets we have provided on this page.

The Azeri-Latin alphabet lacks two letters that are needed in both Tati and Juhuri. The Keyboards and fonts found on this page will allow you to type the letters, ‘Ⱨ’ and ‘ⱨ,’ and also ‘Ħ’ and ‘ħ.’

About the Typing Charts:

You may download and print out the handy Typing Charts for the special keyboards. These are found to the right on your screen, at the bottom of the list. You will see there a set of Typing Charts made for the Russian keyboard and another set made for the American keyboard. Keyboards and typing charts for the Azerbaijani keyboards will be coming soon. Note: the Typing Charts come in two sizes — full-page size, or a small, standing card, that you can fold and set on your desk.


MS Keyboards to install for USA layout

MS Keyboards to install for Russian layout

MS Keyboards to install for Azerbaijani layout

  • Аzerbaijani keyboards are coming in the future

Unicode Fonts for typing in Juhuri and Tati

Typing Charts for Juhuri and Tati