The Genesis Movie

Genesis is the first book of the Torah and is also the first film to be translated into Juhuri (the language of the Mountain Jews, from the Caucasus Mountains region).

The film was first created by the Hollywood director John Heyman as “The Genesis Project.” Heyman produced the film in Israel in 1974, for the purpose of dubbing into the languages of the world. The text used for the film is the book of Genesis in Hebrew.

This production is brought to you by Der Imidi Publishing, Inc., a company based in the United States of America. The translation and the dubbing were done by Der Imidi Publishing, Inc., which company holds the copyright for this dubbed version of the film. We thank the members of the Mountain Jewish Theater Company of Hadera, Israel, and the friends and members of Der Imidi Publishing, who offered their voices, hearts and minds to make this production possible. We give the special thanks in memoriam to the man on whose original translation our work is based – David Ben-Rachmil.